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Privacy Policy

You agree to the policies on this page by using Success Planner. Online (hence referred to as the “Site”). Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use outline the elements that may have an influence on the types of content we provide, the kinds of personal data that we have collected via our Site, how we gather that information, and who, if anyone, will have access to it.

You explicitly acknowledge, without limitation or capability, our works on connecting with the get-together, use, and sharing of your own data in the way of individual information in Accordance by utilizing the Site, which is overseen and regulated by VTX Capital, LLC (“Company,” “us,” “we,” or “our”).

Every time you use or access the Site, we recommend reviewing our Privacy Policy so that you are aware of our practices regarding personal information and how you can help safeguard your privacy.

How We Gather Personal Data from You

When you’re using the Site, we might gather data from you. The information we gather from you may consist of, but not be limited to: (1) information you voluntarily give us; (2) information we automatically gather while you use the Site; and (3) other details, including data about the device you used to access the Site, your location, and data obtained from social networking sites or other third-party interfaces.

We could consolidate the information we gather with extra information to interestingly recognize you (individual data). Individual data incorporates things like your name, email address, postage information, and birthdate. Kindly know that this arrangement might in any case be relevant regardless of whether you need to utilize the confidential perusing settings on your program.

Information That You Give Us

Registrant or Account Information

If/when you enroll with our site to access any of its features, we may gather information from you. Such details might consist of:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Password
  • Username
  • Birthdate (where applicable)
  • Phone number

We may gather other information while you use the site, which you willingly supply. We may also gather information about you from other sources, such as voluntarily completed surveys, social media sites, data services, verification services, and open sources. We may combine this data with the data you supplied at the registration to maintain a more thorough profile.

Contact Email

Your email address will only be obtained by us if you willingly give it to us. This might happen, for instance, if you sign up for an email subscription or participate in a promotion.

We will utilize your email address for the reasons for which you gave it, as well as occasionally to send you data about different items or administrations we accept you may be keen on.

You can choose to quit receiving these messages whenever by tapping the “withdraw” interface at the remainder of each email.  Your email address might also be sent to the technology company we work with in connection with the objectives for which you submitted it, and that company might occasionally get in touch with you if there are any problems with your account or security.

Data Collected Automatically Using Data Collection Technologies

Through the use of third-party data processors, our website occasionally makes connections between your personal information and user profiles on other websites. Your personal information will not be accessible to us because we are the data controller, but in the future, we might use their various advertising platforms to send you our content.

Additionally, we, third-party Database Administrators, and marketers may be using automatic data collecting tools to gather the following information as you browse and interact with our Site:

  • (a) Data pertaining to visits to our site, such as traffic trends, location data, and other data logs.
  • (b) Information regarding your good internet connection, such as details about your IP address, operating system (OS), or browser.
  • (c) Data on how you draw in with messages, for example, when you click on a connection or when you open or forward messages.
  • (d) Statistics about a population that could include personally identifiable information.

We may combine automatically-collected data with specific data we get in other ways in order to enhance your user experience (such as information collected with the help of an email opt-in).

How We Use Cookies

A cookie is a piece of information with an identifier that a web server delivers to a web browser that that browser stores (a string of letters and numbers). Every time the browser asks the server for a page, the identifier is then transmitted back to the server. “Session” cookies and “permanent” cookies are two different types of cookies: When the web browser is closed, a session cookie will immediately expire after the user session. Interestingly, a persevering cookie will be saved by an internet browser and will be substantial until its predefined termination date, except if it is deleted by the client before that time.

Cookies don’t normally contain information that directly identifies a user, but we may link the data stored in and retrieved via cookies to the personal information we have on file for you. The following are the reasons why we employ cookies:

  • (a) authentication, which helps us recognize you when you visit and use our website;
  • (b) status, which enables us to tell if you are signed in;
  • (c) customization, which involves keeping track of your preferences and tailoring the website to suit you;
  • (d) security – to defend client accounts, including forestalling unapproved utilization of login data, as well as to protect our site and administrations overall;
  • e) advertising – to show you relevant advertisements;
  • f) analysis – to assist us in analyzing the use and effectiveness of websites.

Furthermore, we use Google Analytics to take a gander at how guests utilize our site. Google Analytics utilizes treats to accumulate data about how individuals use sites. The data assembled with respect to our site is utilized to make reports about its use. You may access Google’s privacy statement at

You may often erase cookies and refuse to accept them in most browsers. There are various approaches to doing this, depending on the browser and version. Please go to your browser’s guidelines for details on how to remove or block cookie usage. Please be aware that disabling cookies could make it harder for many sites, including our site, to work properly. You might no longer have access to some Site features.