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50 Work From Home Jobs in USA

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Working from home used to be unattainable, but lately, there has been an increase in remote jobs that you may accomplish from your house.
There are many work-from-home alternatives in your job hunt, whether it be contracting with a firm remotely or opening your own business.

Whether you adore your present position or can’t wait to leave it, you may have been considering taking on a second work-from-home job. Whatever your long-term objective, the next obvious inquiry is unavoidable, “What occupations can you perform from home?”


Here are 50 alternatives for work-from-home jobs, several of which may produce annual incomes that are more than the typical American salary.

1. Baker/ Catering Chef

In order to gain a following on Instagram when social distance is in full force, start by uploading pictures of your sweet delicacies or prepared meals. You may volunteer to deliver them for free if you have the time. Reach out to those who had to cancel major events when quarantining is no longer required and offer to cater the event in order to start landing more high-paying gigs and growing your enterprises.
This position is ideal for someone who wants to make a career out of their enthusiasm for the culinary arts.

2. Copywriting

You can wonder, “Isn’t everything kind of copywriting?” Yes, that’s a valid point. You ought to explore that in a piece of writing.

The best job on the list is a work-from-home copywriting position since you can leverage your writing (or blogging) abilities, set yourself apart by becoming an authority in a field of interest, and never stop learning. Consider all the written content available on the internet, such as product descriptions for each item sold, articles explaining how to tie a sailor’s knot, and opinion pieces explaining the benefits of making your own cheese. You may participate in it and earn money doing it.

3. Graphic Designer

The visual components of a product or brand are the responsibility of a graphic designer. They work on everything, including packaging, marketing collateral, and website design in addition to brand logos.

Work for a graphic designer is accessible from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, graphic design is a great career choice if you want to work from home because it is frequently project-based and relatively simple to accept work for customers online.

4. Survey Taker

Although this profession won’t make you a multimillionaire, each survey or poll you do might earn you between $1 and $50. A person who has a lot of spare time and a strong opinion is ideal for this profession. You could be asked to complete a survey, participate in a vote, or write a product review. After you’re done, money will be provided to you in the form of cash, gift cards, or PayPal.

5. Freelance Journalist

Believe it or not, a journalism degree is no longer necessary to work as a journalist, especially if you do it from home. To get started, see my guide to launching a freelancing company.

Consider looking into a local news item that has captured your attention and collaborating with a local news outlet to publish it. Payment can range from paying for the piece up front to being paid dependent on how much ad income it generates. Consider trying your hand at writing news stories if you grew up reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys and never quite let that detective dream go (Law and Order, anyone?).

6. Blogger

Professional bloggers create blog entries and articles for online publications, earn money via affiliate marketing and sell advertising space, subscriptions, and services.

Blogging isn’t just a pastime for those who wish to express their ideas and opinions online. It’s a profession that allows you flexibility in terms of where and when you work, making working from home an option.

7. Online Translator

Someone who is fluent in several languages and is at ease writing in them. Translate texts or audio files for distant clients. Normally, set prices for assignments are listed, ranging from $15 to $1,000 based on the level of difficulty and the number of languages required.

8. Editing and proofreading

Editing or proofreading is the ideal work-from-home job for you if errors prevent you from enjoying what you’re reading and improperly placed apostrophes drive you mad. Earn money by eliminating all grammatical errors from the planet!

This mostly demands a keen eye, and while having a related degree helps, developing a portfolio will allow you to demonstrate your abilities just as effectively. For any entry-level editing or proofreading jobs, check out the major job boards.

9. Sales representative

A sales representative’s normal day can include making calls to existing or new clients, putting up ideas, striking agreements, and negotiating contracts. Having strong interpersonal skills is essential because a sales representative’s responsibilities also involve creating new business opportunities and managing connections with current clients.

To see patients in person, you may need to travel for some sales positions. However, many do, especially if your main clientele is those who live outside of your state or who are abroad.

10. Virtual Event Planner

Consider converting your real-world abilities into an online-only business as conventional event planners may earn $54,000 per year in today’s virtual environment with quarantine in full force.
Plan virtual events, such as gender reveal parties on Google Hangouts or 50th birthday celebrations through Zoom. You may be in charge of sending each guest a party box before the event that contains enjoyable items like a cupcake, confetti, and a little bottle of champagne. Additionally, you may monitor the virtual event to make sure everything goes as planned.

11. Academic essay editing

Make yourself an expert in MLA, APA, or Chicago, and you’ll find yourself in the right niche to help helpless college kids. This editing task is a little more specialized, and it will demand a more precise understanding of academic writing guidelines. Editing academic essays is the ideal work-from-home business since there is an endless market for clients.

Additionally, if you have academic experience beyond an undergraduate degree, focus on graduate students. They’ll pay a lot of money to give you their thesis or dissertation after you’ve read it 800 times.

12. Caretaker for children

Being an at-home daycare provider is a great job choice if you enjoy dealing with children and don’t mind not having to commute because parents bring their children to you.

Do a comprehensive investigation of the home childcare standards in your state before you begin marketing your services. In all states, you must have a license, but the procedures you must follow to get one vary depending on where you reside.

13. Online teacher

When working with students online, you may teach them fundamental skills by assisting them with their homework, correcting their essays, and providing sample problems to help them get ready for exams.
Many parents are unable to balance working full-time jobs and serving as their children’s teachers since they are required to homeschool their children for the remainder of the academic year. Ask around in your network to see if there are any parents who might use a little assistance.

14. Participate in name/logo contests

Many company owners and entrepreneurs might use some inspiration when coming up with names and slogans. They already have the concept, but they still need help crafting the ideal name or slogan to express it. Search the major employment boards for openings, but also pay a visit to websites dedicated to naming or slogan competitions, such as Naming Force or Slogan Slinger. This is one of the more entertaining and artistically gratifying work-from-home jobs.

15. Digital marketer

The creation and execution of marketing initiatives that use digital platforms to reach consumers fall within the purview of digital marketers. Email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and sponsored advertising are some examples of this.

Because digital marketers utilize online technologies to carry out their job functions, many of these positions are remote thanks to the internet and social networks, which have made it feasible for businesses to contact clients all over the world.

A professional in digital marketing will typically pay you $32 per hour on average.

16. App Development

How many applications do you currently have installed on your phone? I hazard a lot. An app to check the weather, discover what your aunt Brenda has been up to, and find out when the bus is coming. Why not consider finding a career producing such applications from home?

You can choose to work on either the real business idea or the actual code (or both, if you’re a high achiever like that). An excellent concept gives you an opportunity to succeed financially.

17. Image consultant

Looking for a remote position that will let you use your ideas to benefit others? You could do well in the function of an image consultant.

To increase their confidence or to be ready for important occasions like job interviews or events, image consultants help their customers build their looks and styles. Even in politics, some image consultants help candidates develop their public personalities. Most consultations for this position may be conducted online, thus meeting customers in person is typically not necessary.

18. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants may earn up to $15 per hour, according to PayScale. someone who can multitask and whose planner serves as their own personal Bible As a virtual assistant, you will carry out clerical tasks including organizing calendars and appointments, inputting data, and helping with social media from the comfort of your home. To locate freelance virtual assistant possibilities, start with job posting services like,, and

19. Photography

Although there are many methods to earn money as a photographer working from home, don’t allow that stop you if you like to go outside. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, family and wedding photography definitely pays off. You can also do creative product photo shoots, interior design, portraits, and even culinary photos from the comfort of your own home. So take a seat on the couch and begin creating your portfolio.

20. Data entry clerk

If you are proficient with computers, working as a freelance data entry clerk is a terrific opportunity to supplement your income or learn new skills that may one day help you get a job in administration.

On freelancing websites like UpWork and PeoplePerHour, where employers often want you to have your own workspace and equipment, data entry tasks are frequently posted. Data entry clerks typically make $17.28 per hour, on average.

21. Search Engine Evaluator

Glassdoor claims that search engine analysts may earn up to $13 per hour. those who are totally enamored with pop culture, including movies, music, and other media. Businesses like Google, Yahoo, or Bing will provide you with information to search for; you will then report back and let them know how well their results matched your original requirements. The majority of search engine companies employ businesses like Leapforce At Home and Appen Butler Hill.

22. Sell Your Crafts

Get in on the handmade goods & crafts trend while it’s still hot! You’ll undoubtedly find a market for it whether it’s knitted underwear, hammered copper luggage tags, or lights made from birch trees (I just made all those up but they’re probably real). Try sitting across from your knitting needles if you have a work-from-home job so you aren’t confined to spending all of your time at the computer.

However, a word of caution: to make sure you’re turning a profit, keep note of how many hours you spend producing each item and how much you spend on supplies.

23. Life Coach

Are you a motivational speaker that aspires to assist others in realizing their full potential? You may do business from your home office as a life coach.

Offering guidance on how to create objectives, deal with stress, and overcome obstacles in both their personal and professional life can help you connect with your clients online and put them on the road to success. Life coaches typically make $29.28 per hour.

24. Public Relations Representative

Most experienced professionals earn up to $105,400 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $31,541 annually. Some small- to medium-sized companies lack the funds necessary to hire a public relations agency. However, they could have the money to engage a virtual PR agent to handle tasks like a business promotion or crisis management.
While you’re in isolation, try to create a website to advertise yourself and your favorite local businesses.

25. Design T-shirts

T-shirt creation requires a unique fusion of design, imagination, uniqueness, and trend awareness. If you’re ready for the challenge, designing t-shirts might be one of the finest work-from-home professions there is. The best t-shirt designs will not only look nice but also allow the wearer to announce something about themselves for the world to see. Once it is designed, you may continue to make money without doing any further effort as long as people continue to purchase it. While Teespring only sells t-shirts, stores like Redbubble let you have your design printed on virtually everything.

26. Video Editor

Video editing is a wonderful option if you don’t like the notion of going to college but still want well-paying remote work.

Develop your skill set by reading online articles and watching tutorials, then put what you’ve learned into practice by investigating video editing programs like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Corel VideoStudio, Lightworks, and Filmora

There is always a need for qualified video editors due to the growth of internet video content. Therefore, video editing is a good choice if you’re seeking a job you can accomplish from home with the possibility of advancement.

27. Voice Over

As a voice actor, your income typically varies from job to project. A 15-second clip may bring in $100, a 30- or 60-second commercial can bring in $250, and an audiobook can bring in nearly $3,000.
the person who can reliably make people laugh at gatherings using impressions. You might spend your day in the comfort of your home by recording anything from phone prompts to radio and television advertisements. A voice audition on one of the several online voice casting services, such as Voices, VoiceBunny, or Voice123, is the quickest method to land a paid voice-over job.

28. Marketing Advisor

A career as a marketing consultant may be ideal for you if you have a keen understanding of what consumers want and a desire for assisting others in realizing their professional goals (especially if you have a knack for driving traffic to a website). One of the finest work-from-home occupations is consulting, which allows you to set your own hours and take on as many or as few customers as you can manage.

Start by contacting nearby companies you believe may be doing a better job of marketing, whether it be by starting on the correct platforms, refining their text, or conducting outreach.

29. Help desk technician

A help desk technician’s job is to offer technical support over the phone, via email, or through chat. Troubleshooting issues, responding to inquiries, and giving directions on how to utilize different apps or systems are all responsibilities.

Many organizations searching for help desk specialists allow workers to work from home, either part-time or full-time, and IT concerns may frequently be addressed remotely. Help desk specialists get an average of $27.84 per hour in income.

30. Food Delivery Driver

Grubhub claims that their delivery workers earn $12 per hour plus tips, however, those who reside in large cities typically earn more. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you’ll be free to choose your own hours and make deliveries of meals from restaurants to consumers who are willing to pay. Additionally, you may eliminate needless interaction by just leaving orders outside of people’s doors when using contactless delivery. Directly apply through the employer’s job website, such as UberEats, Grubhub, or DoorDash.

31. Remote Sales

For the proper person, a sales work-from-home job may be the ideal position. There are two alternatives available here: either be recruited by a business to sell for a specific amount per hour, which is a reliable source of income, or get employed as a commission-only salesman, which has the potential to be very successful… provided you’re using the appropriate CRM, that is.

Setting your own hours might be beneficial if your pay is on commission, but you should monitor your earnings to see whether it is truly worthwhile.

32. UI/UX Designer

A remote UI/UX design profession requires excellent time management abilities. If UI/UX designers can demonstrate that they can provide high-quality products promptly and without direct supervision, many firms are ready to allow them to work from home.

Ask your company if they would be receptive to the notion of you working remotely if you are a UI/UX designer currently employed in an office setting and want greater autonomy in your position.

A profession in UI/UX design may bring in an average of $51.28 per hour.

33. Website Tester

Websites that are accessible for testing typically start at $10 per test, according to Many businesses evaluate the usability and navigational ease of their websites. You’ll be given a set of guidelines to adhere to when you browse the website. You can easily make $200 a month by signing up with various companies and becoming one of the first 15 individuals to test their clients’ websites when they send them out. Keep a watch on your mailbox after signing up with websites like,, or

34. SEO Specialist

By optimizing a website for search engines, an SEO consultant may increase a website’s visibility and rating.

This entails technical audits of the website to guarantee that it is indexable by search engines, as well as on-page optimization (such as modifying titles, metatags, and other aspects), off-page optimization (such as link building and social media involvement), and other strategies.

Although some firms still prefer that workers work in the office, all of your work will be done online. When job hunting, look for job ads that specifically mention that the company has a work-from-home policy.

35. Transcriber

Transcribers may earn up to $59,243 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. someone who can type quickly and with attention to detail. It’s also an excellent option for someone with little to no experience wishing to shift careers. You will listen to audio recordings and type up what you hear as a transcriber. TranscribeAnywhere, TranscribeMe and Quicktate are three websites where you may locate entry-level transcribing employment.

36. Creating a YouTube channel

These days, there are a lot of YouTube channels available, but that only means that viewers are seeking better more niche material. Consider using your specialized expertise or abilities to start a YouTube channel. While you will earn some money from advertisements, the majority of your income will come from sponsorships, so concentrate on acquiring subscribers and adding value.

37. Accountant

The preparation and analysis of financial statements that reveal a company’s financial situation, performance, and cash flow is the responsibility of an accountant.

Many of the attributes required to be a great accountant also apply to being an effective remote worker. You may become a proficient remote accountant by developing your organizational abilities, written communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Accountants often have their own computers with the software they need to complete their work, so unless their employer insists otherwise, they don’t need to come into the office.

Average Compensation: The US average pay for an accountant is $37.14 per hour.

38. Peer-to-Peer Lender

How much you invest ultimately determines how much you make. Just be aware that it will take a few months for this online job to pay off. an investor seeking large returns who isn’t scared of a little risk. Create an account on a peer-to-peer lending platform, such as Lending Club, to get started investing. Some of them will even carry out most of the work for you, such as selecting which of your camera roll’s images are the finest ones to upload and sell.

39. Launch a podcast

Have something to say that you believe the public would find interesting? Consider finding a job creating podcasts from home! For me, I discovered that individuals were interested in learning how to transform their side gig into a successful full-time business. Both I and a number of other individuals have done it. I made the decision to launch The Side Hustle Project, a podcast where I would interview these folks and learn about their side businesses.

40. Dietitian

Your responsibility as a dietitian is to provide clients with dietary guidance in order to preserve or enhance their health. Dietitians may work in hospitals, clinics, schools, or businesses related to the food sector.

But it’s also feasible to start your own company and operate it from home. Dietitians typically make $29.64 an hour.

41. Online Matchmaker

The average yearly wage throughout the country, according to Ziprecruiter, is $75,602. A matchmaker needs to be excellent at communicating and have a passion for creating lasting romantic relationships. With enough practice, you can interact with customers, get to know them, and discover what qualities they want in their ideal match—all from the convenience of your living room! The assignment will be completed by you finding your client’s ideal match in a database and setting them up on a virtual date.

42. Counselor for colleges online

This may be the ideal work-from-home opportunity for you if you know how to “hack” college in any way, including with regard to admissions, financial assistance, or extracurricular activities. You may provide your services online in place of working for a school and inform high school kids (and their parents) about what they should be doing to get into their chosen program.

43. Makeup artist

The need for makeup artists for weddings, picture sessions, and other special occasions is enormous.

A skilled makeup artist is well-versed in color theory, has the ability to flatter any face shape, and can operate under deadline pressure. This might be a terrific work-from-home business for you if you love cosmetics and are talented at applying it.

Average pay: Makeup artists typically earn $22.39 per hour.

44. Author of Self-Published eBooks

Your income will depend on how well your book goes because you’ll receive a portion of each sale. As an ebook author, you shouldn’t anticipate making more than $75 to $100 a month. However, you may make much more money if your book becomes a best-seller.
Ebook authoring can be for you if you have specialized subject-matter expertise that you might cover in a manual. Additionally, here is your chance to self-publish your first ebook and get passive income if you’re a talented writer who has always wanted to create novels.

45. Online Notary

Once you have all of your documentation organized, this is undoubtedly one of the simplest work-from-home tasks you can take on. For all types of significant legal papers, from wills to corporate contracts, people require notaries public. Find out the requirements for becoming a notary public, then advertise your services online.

46. Recruiter

Although many recruiters work in offices, the majority of the work may be done remotely. There is no requirement for additional equipment or in-person contact with applicants because screening resumes, interviewing people, and networking can all be done from a computer.

But occasionally you might need to go to job fairs to meet potential hires and broaden your network of contacts. Recruiters typically make $23.88 per hour in compensation.

47. Telephone Nurse

According to, a registered telephone nurse may earn up to $70,302 per year. Remote nurses are employed by health insurance providers like UnitedHealth Group and Humana to carry out tasks including case management, medication authorization, and health care. Examine the job postings at reputable medical staffing agencies like and

48. Launch an eCommerce business

Similar to the aforementioned, starting a business selling goods is difficult but maybe a terrific work-from-home opportunity. For instance, my closest buddy and I operated a phone case business together that began as a work-from-home side project and eventually developed into a full-time enterprise. We first sold our phone covers on Etsy, but depending on what it is, if you utilize the correct eCommerce website builder, you can sell your goods everywhere from Amazon Handmade to trade exhibits or even from your own site.

49. Online Music Education

If you only realized how many individuals regret giving up on studying an instrument as children. You can teach both since there are just as many people who want to pick up an instrument as there are parents who want to get their children to learn. One of the finest work-from-home jobs has to be this one since you get to do what you enjoy, get paid well for it, and hardly have to leave your couch.

50. Travel Consultant

When your friends learn where you’re headed next, how inexpensive your travel was, and what an amazing trip you have planned, their mouths drop. Why not let someone else arrange some of those trips? If this work-from-home business organizing enjoyable vacations isn’t an incentive to grab your laptop and go exploring, I don’t know what is.

Finding cheap flights, building a reputation as an expert on bargains and hot destinations, and persuading clients to pay you to put everything together for them are all simple ways to earn a living from home as a travel consultant.


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