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Data Entry Jobs Online (Earn Up to $35/hour)


Data entry is the process of entering information into a computer program and then transferring it to another media. Data can be transcribed by humans, including handwritten notes, spreadsheet data, numerical patterns, computer codes, and even names and addresses.

It is utilized throughout a variety of industries, including banking and IT companies. You must have a fast typing style and be able to type between 50 and 80 words per minute in order to be considered for a data entry position. Additionally, certain data entry jobs call for a typing speed of more than 80 words per minute.


Many firms just demand a high school education or GED equivalent as a starting point for job seekers looking to start a career in data entry. A bachelor’s degree may be necessary for some circumstances, however, this depends frequently on the industry. Prior to a possible data entry job interview, academic credentials will be made obvious. A data entry test that evaluates the correctness of the data you enter can be needed of you. Additionally, using data processing software is sometimes a must, therefore many businesses choose individuals who are adept with tools like Microsoft Office or the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel.

Depending on the function, sector, and firm, different data input requirements apply to the broad subject of data entry. Consider studying how to improve or grow your data entry abilities if you work in or are interested in a data entry position. In this post, we’ll cover what data entry is, the skills that are necessary, typical job descriptions, and some advice on how to develop your own typing and data entry abilities for work.


Different Types of Data Entry Jobs

Below is a list of different types of data entry jobs.

Data Entry Clerk

You must do fundamental data entry in this kind of position. Numerical activities, such as inputting specific figures and sales figures in Excel, and Word files, or preparing presentations and other papers, might be included in this. It mostly entails entering the supplied data in a different format.


  • Organizational Methods
  • Quick Typing Methods
  • Pay close attention to Computer abilities

A data entry clerk makes, on average, between $2300 and $2400 annually.

Data Entry Keyers

Prior to sorting the data into databases like association designs, CRMs, or a successful estimation sheet, their main task is to explicitly exclude critical information from a huge number of reports. The consumers receive this information once this is finished. These positions are regularly empty, not online. Data keyers work in the quality control division because they check the data for problems and fix them. They ought to be able to write 50 words per second with no errors. They often earn between $10 and $15, and the sum rises as the experience suggests.

Data Entry Operator

A data entry operator is in charge of gathering information from forms, applications, or corporate files, entering it into databases, and keeping correct records of important company data. A data entry operator is expected to carry out clerical duties (such as mailing and filing) as needed and must be very knowledgeable about how to use standard office supplies.

Payroll Data Entry Operator

One of the frequent online data entry jobs is payroll data, input operator. The job includes inputting the employee’s name, payment information, and other information into the database.


  • Paying Close Attention, Excellent Writing Skills
  • Multitasking \sSalary

The average compensation for a payroll data entry operator is 2200 to 2300$ per annum


A typist’s duties include typing data from reports, letters, and text documents into computer software.


  • Fast typing abilities
  • Tools for Word Processing Skills

The typical income for a typist is around 2000$ to 2100$ per annum.

Offline Data Entry

Manually inputting data from one source into another is known as offline data entry, commonly referred to as basic or routine data entry work. You will need to input the data yourself and save it somewhere in this. You’ll need a working knowledge of Excel or any other program that your company employs for this. A 40–50 word per minute typing speed is also needed.


Excellent communication skills and a working knowledge of certain languages are required for writing employment. Beginning with fundamental writing, one might advance to a higher position as an editor. Good typing abilities are also necessary for this kind of data entry work.

Online form filling

You will be given the forms and dataset in this. You must carefully fill out the forms with accurate info. Sometimes the information is not supplied, and you may need to complete the form and perform in-depth research online.


Survey Filling

It is a simple and enjoyable method to get money with data input. Filling out questionnaires after receiving feedback on a company’s goods and services is a requirement of this position. With an internet connection, a desktop computer or laptop, and an email address, you may do surveys at home.

Email Processor

This is a well-paying, creative position. Daily effort must be put into processing emails. You will need to locate the content of hundreds of emails sent to various email addresses and compile a list of them in a spreadsheet. This will need you to go through tens of thousands of emails each day and compile the information into an Excel sheet in a certain format.

How Much Do Jobs That Involve Data Entry Pay?

Data entry jobs typically pay between $11 and $35 per hour per PayScale, with higher pay rates going to those with the greatest qualifications and expertise. The compensation is $24.41 an hour on average.

The need for additional jobs like customer service or office administration may also affect how much a data entry clerk is paid. A data processor can be needed, for instance, to monitor client bookings and reservations, as well as modifications and cancellations to schedules, in the hotel and travel industries.

List of the Top 10 Reliable Websites for Data Entry Jobs

1. AccuTran Global

Instead of doing routine data entry labor, AccuTran Global mostly employs transcriptionists. However, if you perform well on the company’s application evaluations, they could still hire you despite your short expertise in transcribing. AccuTran Global pays per word and sporadically grants incentives for challenging assignments. In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, employees are hired.

There are many more firms that provide online or remote transcribing jobs if you are interested in or have expertise in the field. Before landing one employment, you can apply to a number of different ones. We’ve created a blog just for online transcribing jobs.

2. MegaTypers

Public and private companies can use the data input services provided by a labor-management company called MegaTypers. Among the tasks available on the internet is data input. Working for MegaTypers has a number of advantages, including the ability to start with a minimum typing speed of 10 words per minute and very flexible work hours. The website may be a good resource for students and anyone looking for side jobs. To begin, all you need to do is establish an account on the website. Then, choose a position that suits your tastes.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best platform for independent contractors to locate online data entry work. The best place for you to start if you want to pursue a career in data entry is Fiverr.

You must first register for a free account on Fiverr and include information about your credentials, experiences, talents, and area of specialization in data entry operators. All of the information should be accurate because it will determine whether you receive a job.
In order for employers and companies to contact you for data entry and transcription work, you must often update your profile. Your fees are negotiable. You can charge more the more experience you have.

4. Axion Data Entry Services

For those with 2-3 years of experience, there are Axion Data Entry Services. They exclusively work with skilled, experienced professionals. You must first register with the company and submit your prior data entry expertise before you can access Axion Data Entry Services. 50 words per minute typing pace is ideal. You will be hired by this company on a long-term contract basis, so don’t expect big pay or bonuses in between.

If you’ve come to our site looking for data entry jobs, let me let you in on a little secret: there are many more organizations to consider in addition to these ten that provide the greatest data entry labor. It’s hard to discuss every business in a single blog.

5. Internshala

The well-known job search engine Internshala is frequently used by persons seeking for internships and career opportunities. You may locate a tonne of data entry jobs and internships with fair compensation on the website or app. On the internet, there are many data entry jobs that range from full-time to part-time, depending on the candidate’s appropriateness. After enrolling on the website or mobile app, just create your CV in accordance with Internshala’s specifications. Internshala will help you create a resume on the website itself that will be shared with employers so they can vet potential employees, so you don’t need to send one. After registering and creating a CV, you are prepared to start.

6. MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great option if you want to work with a reputable company that ensures timely payment.

One of the most reliable top 10 websites for finding online data entry jobs is MTurk, short for Mechanical Turk, an Amazon crowdsourcing platform. It makes it simpler for people and companies to interact through virtual employment and outsource their procedures.

You may accomplish a number of online tasks from home, including data entry, data processing, and analytical jobs, by visiting this page. With MTurk, you may earn money online while having flexible working hours.

7. Click Worker

A crowdsourcing marketplace called Click Worker matches registered employees with data input, writing, research, and translation jobs. These are often little assignments that pay less than a dollar each to finish. You must pass a skills evaluation in order to sign up with Clickworker. Work may be done at any time and from any location.

8. Upwork

A freelance portal is Upwork. There are several freelance positions accessible here, including data entry positions. It advertises 5000 or so remote data input jobs. Depending on the work and hiring of new personnel, the project’s duration and cost might change. Depending on the project’s description, requirements, level of competence, bid, location, etc., you may select it. The gateway is completely secure and safe. Simply register as a freelancer and fill out all the required information, including your abilities and experience. No difficulty at all if you are a recent graduate; simply use the filter to hunt for entry-level positions. You may select the degree of competence, the duration, and the period you are available using the excellent filter.

Summary Table

Post Name Working Hour Salary/ Hour
Data Entry Clerk 4 to 5 hrs $13 to $24 per hour
Data Entry Keyers 3 to 4 hrs $11 to $22 per hour
Data Entry Operator 3 to 4 hrs $22 to $33 per hour
Payroll Data Entry Operator 2 to 3 hrs $12 to $23 per hour
Typist 4 to 5 hours $23 to $44 per hour

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