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08 Best Stock Portfolio Trackers

The days of managing complex spreadsheets to keep track of your financial portfolio are long gone.

Today, you may buy and sell stocks using a desktop or mobile applications, consolidate all of your assets in one location, monitor their performance, and sell on your own terms when the time is right.

Much better, there are several apps to pick from. I’ve compiled a list of the top stock trading apps & describe which ones are most suited for certain investor types.

1. Personal Capital Finance

Mobile, Android, and Amazon platforms for Personal Capital Finance

Price: Free

Personal Capital, because it has more than $22 market capitalization (AUM) as of April 30, 2022, is used by over 3 million people to monitor their money.

Recommended By- BEdigitech

Clients may connect almost every investing and bank balance, including credit, retirement, and taxable accounts, in addition to tracking their net worth and making savings plans. The users can track progress, capital budgeting, and fees with simple-to-read graphs and charts after uploading the whole of their financial information.

2. Investment Tracker by Delta

It is an international trading software for both Android and ios platforms that focus on cryptocurrencies. It is available across both free or paid editions; you may choose the free version at first if you don’t mind giving up certain features.


Recommended By- BEdigitech

A wide variety of equities, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, options, and cryptocurrencies are available with live price fluctuations. Your overall portfolio balance, current industry positions and values, absolute number, and unrecognized capital gains are all summarised in this report. Notifications of price changes Additionally, sponsored investments’ asset information and news are available.


It doesn’t support mutual funds or commodities.

The Delta app is a great choice for your result because it is incredibly user-friendly and the bulk of its functions are free. Decide on Delta, which has dynamic capabilities, if you want to examine all of your current holdings and trends in one location.

3. Sharesight: Best Investment Portfolio Tracker App [Including Dividends]

Sharesight has an honor-winning execution and expense-revealing stage which enables you to follow offers and ETFs from more than 40 trades around the world.

The strong stage likewise gives the capacity to follow 75 worldwide monetary standards and keep unlisted, elective speculations like fixed revenue and venture properties. Also, the greatest aspect of? Everything is highlighted in a simple to-utilize online portfolio tracker.

The help highly esteems being a calculation sheet substitution, offering you the capacity to know your actual exhibition of all recorded property as well as the capacity to follow various resource classes in a solitary spot.

With strong arranging highlights and the choice to reject shut positions, you can effectively contrast the exhibition of your property with various benchmarks fitting your very own preference.

And, surprisingly, better, you can see the effect of capital additions, profits, and cash variances (if contributing globally) on your portfolio and against your benchmark.

4. Kubera

It is one of the most exceptional portfolio trackers with a large number of bank associations and tracks every one of your resources in a solitary spot. It gives you all the nitty-gritty data about your ventures and is ideal for amateurs, realtors, homemakers, and sagacious grave financial backers.


  • It likens your web-based money market funds or can likewise join individual stocks to take note of their worth continuously.
  • You can likewise get the predominant equilibrium from your crypto wallets and trade accounts.
    With the assistance of Kubera, you can associate with in excess of 20,000 banks all around the world to connect your records.
  • You can likewise consolidate your home estimation, any vehicles, or web areas you own to know the total assets.
  • The resources can be added effectively simply by embedding a new column like a calculation sheet.
    Kubera has a remarkable trademark called “Life Beat Check” that finds out for an extended range of idleness and can move your portfolio to a particular beneficiary.


  • The time for testing is exceptionally less
  • It has a free 14-day preliminary. The top-notch form costs $15 every month or $150 per year.

5. Yahoo! Finance

The Yahoo Finance application has an easy-to-utilize plan, so you can without much of a stretch track your stocks, products, bonds, and monetary forms. You can make and track the presence of your own portfolio and sync different portfolios across all your devices.

The Yahoo Finance application gives constant stock and venture data to keep steady over the market. Yippee Finance permits you to make customized cautions and follow market developments progressively.

The highlights incorporate different watchlists to coordinate stocks in any way, for example, by area. Screen your portfolio’s presentation with life provides and layout cost estimate alarms. The application additionally incorporates full-screen intelligent graphing.

6. Webull

It is one of the most outstanding stock portfolio trackers as it delivers its clients with live market information and supports full broadened hours exchanging. Webull is an on the web and versatile exchanging application that allows you to exchange stocks, and trade exchanged assets and choices.


  • With Webull, there is no record least, and the stock exchange is free.
  • You can put pre-market exchanges from 4:00 am to 9:30 am and on normal exchanging days from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • Edge accounts surrender to multiple times influence on day exchanges, and on short-term getting power, it ultimately depends on twice.
  • Altering your landing page should be possible, as you can pick the nations and locales you’re most fascinated with reviewing and the stocks you’re following.
  • Ideal for those looking for edge exchanging, day exchanging, and short deals.
  • You can see continuous information following and cost variances.
  • Webull has an exchanging test system that assists you with finding out about their exchanging stage and strengthens your speculation capacities.

7. StockMarketEye

With the help of StockMarketEye’s many tools for monitoring and delving further into the performance of your portfolio, you can: All of your portfolios may be easily tracked in one location. Analyze profits, losses, and performance quickly.

8. Ziggma

It is among the top stock portfolio trackers designed primarily to make trading and investing simple. Ziggma is reputed to be the market’s swiftest stock and ETF screener.

Many investors struggle to manage their investment portfolios because they can’t figure out effective ways to maximize risk-adjusted returns. However, according to your long-term objectives, you may locate the finest chances with the Ziggma portfolio tracker.

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