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Top 08 Sites to Kick Off Your Scholarship Search!

The hardest aspect of applying for scholarships is probably looking for appropriate scholarships. There are so many prizes available, but without carefully sorting through an enormous amount of material, it may be difficult to determine which ones are worthwhile submitting.

We’ve gathered some of the top scholarship websites (as well as offline search tools!) to help you narrow down your search for scholarships. Of course, some are better than others, so I’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to finding scholarships.

Scholarships for college are available; you simply need to hunt for them, friends or relatives may have told you if you’re attempting to figure out how you’ll pay for it.

However, if you’ve ever really attempted to hunt for scholarships, you know how difficult it can be to discover the correct ones. For students in the US, there are more than 5 million scholarships to pick through.

As a large haystack, we can appreciate it if you feel overburdened. However, it is true that you may earn free money without having to pay it back if you put in a little effort. There is a better approach for you to look for scholarships, it’s true.

Top Websites to Find College Scholarships

Finding and applying for legitimate scholarships that you have a good chance of receiving is simple thanks to the top college scholarship search websites. Our best selections are the venues listed below.

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One of the oldest and most reliable free scholarship search engines, monitoring an estimated $19 billion in scholarships. According to Elizabeth Hartley, an autonomous education consultant and proprietor of Scholarship Gold Consulting, “it’s basically like an eHarmony site for money.”

The website will utilize your criteria to go through all scholarships once you complete a profile to provide a shortlist. It will attempt to connect the kid to scholarships that could be a fit based on their responses, says Hartley.

2. Fastweb has established a reputation as one of the most innovative websites for locating college scholarships since its start in 1996. You may utilize Fastweb to find scholarships based on your area of study, your skills, interests, and hobbies.

Recommended By- BEdigitech

For instance, if you wish to study engineering at your college, you may look into specific scholarships that are available to those individuals.


Chegg is a website for textbooks that offers more than 25,000 scholarships and includes a scholarship search feature. In order to assist students with their scholarship essays, the website also provides online instructors.

According to Hartley, “They’re obviously trying to keep up with what’s fresh on the market in terms of scholarships.”

4. Collegeboard

The college search and college preparation services offered by Collegeboard are well renowned. They do, however, also provide a powerful scholarship search engine.

One of the reasons Collegboard is on our list of the best websites for finding college scholarships is that it has powerful filtering capabilities available: You may do a search using several parameters, such as:

  • Location/ locality
  • Limits or health issues
  • College major
  • Religious observance
  • A military career
  • Membership in a company club or group

5. Peterson’s

Peterson’s first released online in 1997 in addition to their print version for the college search. One of the reasons Peterson’s made our list of the best websites for obtaining college scholarships is because it is an excellent resource for graduate students.

Contrary to the other three websites on our listing, which place a major emphasis on aiding first-time and current undergraduate students in securing scholarships, Peterson’s has an entire area devoted to supporting graduate students who need assistance with college financing.

6. Scholly

The student accomplishment app Scholly attracted a lot of media interest after it was featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank. They have an integrated editing and proofreading tool that helps students write better essays, and they can help you with math problems.

You may look for scholarships and apply for them on Scholly. To use Scholly, you must first create an account; access to all of its capabilities will cost you $44.99 per year.

Scholly asserts that by offering you access to specialized scholarships, which have fewer applicants, you will be at an advantage. An app that charges less than $5 a month would be well worthwhile it if you were to win even one prize.

7. Community foundation websites

Local community foundation websites should be checked, much like your high school website, since they may also have a list of nearby scholarships.

According to Stezala, there are numerous local scholarships offered by fraternal organisations like the Elks Lodge or veteran organisations like the American Legion. These scholarships may not be included on these huge national websites.


College Scholarships is on our list of the best websites for seeking college scholarships because you may use their resources without having to register or fill out any long forms. Instead, you may start looking for the best scholarship options and completing the application procedures right now.

On College Scholarships, you may discover grants and loan options in addition to scholarships without having to provide any personal data. You may browse through more than 23,000 scholarships on their website based on criteria including deadlines, gender, ethnicity, state, and prize size.


On our list of priorities for paying for college, scholarships and grants come in first. But you need a strategy if you want to get the most out of your scholarship money. You cannot arbitrarily apply for scholarships and hope to win enough of them to cover the cost of your college education.

Consider compiling a list of scholarships together with their application requirements and deadlines. Focus exclusively on scholarships that are appropriate for you. Look for scholarships depending on your field of study, ethnicity, gender, state, or institution of higher learning.

In order to identify and obtain the suitable scholarships, don’t be scared to hire a coach or go to the career services at your school. Furthermore, make sure to combine your scholarship efforts with other strategies for reducing student debt, such as launching a side business.

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