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10 Best Mutual Fund Apps to Invest

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If you want to maintain financial stability throughout your life, a mutual fund scheme is indeed the way to go. I’m not saying that; the experts in economics are. Finding the finest application to funding schemes may prove to be difficult for consumers due to a large number of accessible applications. The appropriate app is necessary for depositing any amount of money, though. However, and that’s why we are here, we think we might just have uncovered an app that can handle all of your money issues at once.

The experts in economics are saying this; I’m not saying it. Finding the finest application for mutual fund schemes may prove to be a burden for consumers since it is necessary for spending any sum of money to use the proper app, and there are so many programs accessible. But, and this is why they are here, we may have discovered an app that may address all of your financial issues at once.


You must take into account the MyCams bond fund app while searching for the top mutual fund app in India since it provides you with a single portal to manage investments made across several mutual funds. You don’t need to pay any form of brokerage to use the program, which is easy to use and useful. The MyCams app demonstrates how very effective and helpful it is if it comes to investing in mutual funds with its numerous features, including buying, redeeming, and selling.

This gives you access to a single portal that makes it simple for you both to manage investments made across many mutual funds. This software offers a variety of features, like buying, redeeming, moving between options, etc. On this platform, there are no brokerage fees to pay.


There may be a shared account number among those who have contributed to mutual funds. They have the ability to learn about the units they own through this, and they may conduct online transactions. Using this software, a person is free to buy and sell mutual funds. An investor can invest through many mutual fund companies thanks to it.

You may construct SIP, STP, and SWP in mutual funds with this software.

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Finally, this program is available for get for users of Android and iOS.


The Groww app may be the greatest option for you if you’re a newbie seeking for a few of the top mutual fund applications to invest in. This software enables you to simply create an account within 24 hours with a straightforward account creation process that may be completed by simple eKYC verification. You won’t be charged a brokerage fee by the app, so using it to purchase or sell is completely free. This function makes the program incredibly appealing and suitable for novice investors with little resources. The program offers you a totally commission-free platform to invest in mutual funds without any additional costs for account opening.

4. Karvy Nivesh App by Karvy

Through this software, mutual funds may be redeemed or switched from one to another. This app is provided by Karvy as a personal mutual fund manager. Distributors can keep track of their clients’ portfolios here if they want them all in one location. This app gives investors access to both cash payment and SIP plans.

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It is unfortunate that the firm has not yet released its iOS version given the growing number of IOS users in today’s world. Through this app, users may purchase shares from more than 20 mutual fund firms.


The Times Group’s ETMONEY financial investment application gives you a platform to invest directly in mutual funds. Another helpful tool for individuals who are just beginning to invest in mutual funds, this one gives you good insights into your assets. This software is simple to navigate because of its fully automated network. The ETMONEY application offers each destination for all of your investing requirements and preferences by enabling you to participate in SIP, lump sum, or ELSS funds. The software gives you investing tips considering the financial objectives and aids in keeping track of your past investments and overall success.

6. Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

We all frequently use Paytm, a really well app in the banking industry. Paytm’s main function is to be used to pay vendors, but it also offers other financial products that you may simply choose from. Get your Paytm Money app, then start using it. In addition to receiving a 1% greater return on the Paytm Money app, you can also establish your financial portfolio and access a variety of investment plans.

Furthermore, the app doesn’t have any additional fees if you often purchase or sell mutual funds. To establish your financial investment plan and set up an account on the Paytm Money app, simply takes 30 minutes. Paytm makes sure you receive high-quality service while creating your account, and as a result, the registration procedure is completely paperless. So, get the Paytm Money app and make wise financial plans.

7. InvesTap Mutual Fund App from SBI

This app is only handled by SBI mutual funds. You may search through the funds, invest or redeem, change from one managed fund to the next, and follow the investment plans that you have made.

Utilize this software to invest in accordance with your financial goals. Your PAN number comes in helpful in this situation. It may be used as a springboard for your investing approach. Additionally, the app provides you with notifications and real-time tips. You might be interested in investing in SBI BlueChip, SBI Balanced funds, and other mutual funds using this app.

8. HDFC MF mobile app from HDFC Mutual Funds

This software allows you to browse your own portfolios. The HDFC-offered programs may also be switched, redeemed, and invested in using this app. You may verify all folios and NAV on your mobile device by following a few easy steps. The HDFC Hybrid Fund, HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund, and other mutual fund schemes are only a few of what HDFC Mutual Funds have to offer.

This software offers several calculators, the most recent NAV data, and NAV history. other mutual funds are offered by Axis Bank. All of these Axis Bank benefit programs are available for investment through this app.

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