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How to Become Rich in India Without Investing Money?


Getting rich in India needs a lot of hard effort, as well as smart work and some luck. Yes, patience has a role to play. Being wealthy or a multi-millionaire, while it may seem virtually unattainable to some, is not at all an insurmountable endeavor. Your wealth may be greatly increased by actions like making wise and timely financial investments, reducing unnecessary costs, and changing your lifestyle.

Poonam Rungta, a certified financial planner, said to Zee Business Online, “People occasionally eventually give up whenever we do not get returns on time. But one should be aware that getting a good return on investments takes time and faith. If you put in clever work and plenty of effort, being wealthy can be much simpler.


Not everyone has the good fortune to come from wealthy families. To become wealthy, though, you don’t necessarily need to be famous or a trust fund kid. When it comes to what it truly means to be wealthy, opinions are divided. The important thing to keep in mind is that being wealthy involves more than simply having a lot of money; it also involves having a high net worth.

1. Adopt the proper financial mentality

The power of the mind cannot be understated, especially in relation to your financial thinking. You will continue to make poor financial decisions if you have a poor attitude, which will keep you poor and forced to live paycheck to paycheck. Nobody gains from maintaining a pessimistic attitude. But by forming the appropriate habits, you may go from bad thinking to a wealthy mindset.


Making a monetary vision board is a common practice for inspiring motivation and cultivating a rich mindset. You’ll decorate your board with images, inspirational sayings, and financial objectives and display it where you’ll see it so often. This might help you stay motivated by allowing you to view your financial objectives every day.

2. Create a budget.

Most wise individuals stick to a budget. Set monthly expenses and make an effort to adhere to it. This will assist in reducing wasteful spending. You can keep an eye on your savings and spending. By doing this, you can make sure that you only spend money on necessities while attempting to optimize your savings.

3. Figure out the numbers.

Remember, in order to learn how to become wealthy, you must determine your net worth. You may calculate the amount of money and assets you will need to accumulate in order to reach your objective by understanding that rough guide and how much or how little you now have. To view your figures, are using the “save a million” calculator.

4. Consult with specialists for advice.

Start your investments as soon as you can. You won’t earn enough interest on your funds in a bank account. Consult with industry professionals to make the best investments possible. Individuals have different financial goals, thus it’s not really the greatest course of action to follow another person’s example. You’ll make wise selections with the assistance of expert counsel, which will speed up your progress toward your objective.

5. Remit debt

Debt is costly. Interest payments on credit card debt, personal loans, and school loans can total thousands of dollars. Being debt-free initially is a key step in the process of getting wealthy from nothing. You may swiftly wipe away their greater government and make working toward financial success by putting into practice a debt pay-off strategy.


You might use the debt avalanche approach to pay off the mortgage with both the highest return first, or you could use the poverty snowball method to pay off your lower obligations first. Whatever option you select, just be sure you can stick with it.

6. Living within your means

Living within your means is a fundamental component of the “what to do to get rich from nothing” strategy. You’ll spend less money and increase your savings by adhering to a budget.

Similar to budgeting, living within your means is a financial strategy you may use to increase your wealth. The following considerations can help you live within your means.

7. increase your existing income

You can increase your existing salary to aid in your new fiscal ascent toward wealth. Requesting for a raise in your present employment is one approach to do this. If you choose this path, be certain you have been doing well and have been employed by the organization for some time. They could be prepared to enhance your pay if you do a good job as an employee to discourage you from seeking work elsewhere.

8. Marry a wealthy individual

The simplest method to get rich is definitely this. Celebrities have been known to marry wealthy people in order to inherit their riches and then demand alimony or a portion of it in the event of a divorce. This is such a common practice that Hollywood has even produced films on it! Karishma and Sanjay Kapoor, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, and other real-life instances are a few. Isn’t it ironic that marriage is not just sustained by love?

9. High-paying careers

India has the fastest-growing economy and one of the most diversified employment markets in the world, offering a variety of high-paying positions. Millennials today have a wide range of possibilities to pick from when deciding on a profession and landing a job with a high wage.
Chief experience officers (CXOs), attorneys, investment bankers, and other professionals have high salaries. Tolkar lists these as some of the most dependable methods to become a millionaire, but he emphasizes that you will all have to work with someone else.

10. Service for tiffin

This is a straightforward concept that has made lots of money for many ladies. Many men and women work, and the idea of a home-cooked lunch is fading as a result of growing prices and nuclear households. Because some people cannot afford to hire a cook, they frequently eat unhealthy foods. In these circumstances, the canteen service is a great business concept. Freshly prepared meals would be valued by consumers. It’s time to start assessing your potential and developing a business strategy if you have hands that can work magic with basic substances.

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